The Topic Songbook

Here is a songbook we’ve produced for our on-line gig at The Topic Folk Club on Thursday 27th May, 2021.   This is so people watching at home can join in and play or sing along.

Mockingbirds Songbook


Below: At Mill Hey Brewhouse again with a compilation video of our set on 24th March 2019. Thanks to Paul for the video.


Below: Performing our song ‘I Picked Up A Rose’. 2nd February 2019 at the Live Lounge at Baildon.


Below: A selection of songs from our set at Mill Hey Brewhouse on 17th January 2019

The Mocking Birds

Cath and Pam AKA The Mocking Birds joined us on Sunday and brought the curtain down on another fab afternoon. Great harmonies ladies and truly wonderful songs. Thank you for coming along and entertaining us and we look forward to welcoming you back once again

Posted by Pianoman Paul's Acoustic Afternoon on Wednesday, 16 January 2019


Below: At the Bay Horse in Oxenhope in September 2018 singing Boo Hewerdine’s ‘Follow My Tears’


Below: Performing our own song ‘I Picked Up A Rose’ on 12th November 2017 at the Winter Bandstand’ at Caroline Social Club in Saltaire


Below: Singing Patsy Matheson’s Rock ‘n’ Roll on March 10th 2017 at the Lemon Tree Cafe, Keighley.

Below: Singing our song ‘Let the Tears Flow’ on  March 10th 2017 at the Lemon Tree Cafe, Keighley.

Below: Performing Lucinda Williams’ ‘Am I Too Blue’ on  March 10th 2017 at the Lemon Tree Cafe, Keighley.

Mockingbirds - Christmas Like We Do!


Mockingbirds welcome you to our CD in aid of Bradford Metropolitan Food Bank.  The food bank provides over 10,000 emergency food bags for families in crisis each year.  Our wish is that no family should have to rely on food banks but it is a sad reality for many.  If you have bought our CD we thank you.  Happy Christmas!  Happy Solstice!

Have a listen to Bright Star:


Here’s some of feedback we’ve had so far:

“We all sat quietly and listened to Bright Star. Very calming Christmas song what a lovely gentle song to start our Christmas festivities . I will be buying a copy of this for our Christmas Day in Australia ☀️☀️”

“Mockingbirds you were great, the CD is lovely, thank you”

“Congrats to The Mockingbirds for a brilliant performance tonight, love the cd too”

“I listened to the CD on the way home from HUG. Beautiful songs. I love it!”

“Rocking and then some, really enjoyable night and great CD”

“Brilliant CD. Love it!”

The CD is available for £5 from Lemon Tree Cafe and Bistro, Keighley; Cobbles and Clay Cafe, Haworth; Oates and Wiles, Haworth; Hawksby’s, Haworth; The Studio, Haworth; Beat It Music, Baildon and will soon be available to download from Bandcamp.

Click the link for more information about Bradford Metropolitan Food Bank 

Grateful thanks to:  Allan Greenwood (Resonator Guitar), Ruth Nielsen (Piano) and Reuben Wilkinson (Bass Guitar and Xylophone)

Recorded and mixed by Reuben Wilkinson

All words and music on ‘Christmas Like We Do’ by Cath Harney and Pam Johnson (Mockingbirds) except ‘Solstice Song’ written by Alouette Iselin with additional words and arrangement by Mockingbirds.

©Mockingbirds 2016 All Rights Reserved

No-one Does Christmas Like We Do  Our ‘Yee haw!’ country Christmas song for those who count down the days to Christmas.  You know who you are!
Pam Johnson – Guitar & Vocals , Cath Harney – Guitar & Vocals, Alan Greenwood – Resonator Guitar

Bright Star Inspired by Winter Solstice, Christmas and New Year as a time for renewal, celebrating new beginnings and looking forward to the return of the strengthening sun and longer days.
Pam Johnson – Guitar & Vocals, Cath Harney – Guitar & Vocals

Catch a Snowflake  Love is fragile but it will survive and travel across the miles if we nurture it.
Cath Harney – Guitar & Vocals, Pam Johnson – 8 String Ukulele & Vocals, Ruth Neilson – Piano

Solstice Song  We’re grateful to Alouette Iselin for allowing us to use this song.  Alouette told us she wrote the song when all alone one snowy winter’s day in New England and could hear the sound of a party going on next door. We wrote alternative lyrics for the last verse to celebrate the winter solstice and Yuletide.

The sun returns to bring the light,
Let’s celebrate this solstice night,
And keep the yule log burning bright
At the turning of the year.
©Mockingbirds 2016 All Rights Reserved

You can find more information and the original lyrics at
Pam Johnson – Guitar & Vocals, Cath Harney – Guitar & Vocals

Christmas Magic   Sleigh bells, snowflakes, letters to Santa, jingle bells, peace and joy for everyone.  It’s all here!
Pam Johnson – 8 String Ukulele & Vocals, Cath Harney – Guitar & Vocals, Ruth Nielsen- Piano

Ding Dong  Inspired by singing Slade’s Christmas song at the top of our voices and dancing in the living room.
Cath Harney – Guitar & Vocals, Pam Johnson – 8 String Ukulele & Vocals, Ruth Nielsen – Piano, Reuben Wilkinson – Xylophone








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